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Why Do We Struggle
With Clutter?

A cluttered home—even one that would qualify as a Level 5 situation—doesn’t stem from laziness or lack of will power.

More often than not, a cluttered home is the result of a difficult-to-control situation, which is part of normal life.

There are varied reasons people hang on to things they don’t need, based on their circumstances or deeper-lying struggles. Here are just a few factors that may contribute to at-home clutter. For the complete list check out our full-length ebook.
Kids Playing Toys

Having Kids

Having children is a joyful circumstance, but it comes with plenty of clutter whether you're in the baby, kid, or teen phase.

Medical Issues

Health challenges can make it difficult to clean and organize due to decreased mobility, fatigue, weakness, and other struggles.
Medical Issues
Medical Challenges

Mental Health Challenges

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and other mental health challenges can all make it difficult to clean, organize, and manage clutter.
I was in a very bad state of mind. As a veteran that has PTSD, anxiety, depression, and also physical disabilities. I didn't know who to turn to and I got so bad, I was hoarding so much it wasnt livable. I contacted them early in the morning and they came to my place instantly. They understood what I was going through.

They gave me comfort, peace of mind, fixed the way I was living, and gave me so much information onto how to better myself, mentally, and physically. They work fast, professional, and over all with care. This is a company I would recommend to anyone. You want quality service with people that understand you and will guide you on the right path. This is the company to contact.

- David Dukes

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