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Meet Danessa Itaya

Franchising Veteran, Community Champion, and Bio-One's Catalyst for 'Help First' Culture

Top Accolades and Achievements

Growth and management of prominent household brands including Molly Maid, Maid Right, and Property Management Inc. (PMI)

Dedicated philanthropic initiatives, co-chairing and presiding over the Ms. Molly Foundation, and active involvement in the Women in Franchising

Our new CEO

30 years of proven key leadership positions, from Director of Accounting and Director of Operations to President of Maid Right and President of PMI

“When I saw ‘help first, business second’ as Bio-One’s tagline, I knew that this is a brand that puts people first...That’s a pretty powerful business model.”

- Danessa on why she chose Bio-One

Franchising Trailblazer

Embarking on a remarkable 30-year journey in the franchising realm, Danessa Itaya stands as a true trailblazer. With an unwavering commitment to success, she played a pivotal role in building household brands. Her wealth of experience and strategic vision in growing these iconic franchises showcases her as a dynamic force within the franchising industry.
In her private life, she loves to travel, watch soccer games, and cook with her family. In fact, she just recently “cracked the code on making light and fluffy rolls.” Living within 3-5 hours of 4 national parks, she’s also a frequent visitor there. However, above all else, she puts service to the community first. 

Knowing this, bringing her into the team was an easy decision. Andrew Mengason, Chief Growth Officer of Five Star Franchising stated: “Her background is unprecedented, and we are sure she will work well with the team that is in place as we tackle changes and challenges in the industry.” Needless to say, we’re excited to have her here!

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