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Steps if You Are Feeling Suicidal and Need Help

First, Are You Safe?
If you have already tried to self-harm today or are feeling intense suicidal urges, call 988 or have someone take you to urgent care.
If you have not yet reached a crisis point, here are the steps you should follow to stay safe while you weather the current storm.

Ask for Help

If you are undergoing these risk factors or if you are in crisis, immediately contact any of these resources:
988 Suicide Crisis Lifeline
Crisis & Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 988
NSPL Online Chat
NSPL Online Chat Services*
Crisis Textline: Text “SAVE” to 741741
Tell someone you’re struggling
Know that talking may be difficult
Remove access to means of self-harm
Distract yourself
Create a safety plan

Request a service from your local Bio-One team.


Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning services