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Recover Valuables

Hoarding can lead to many lost items of great significance. Because Bio-One of Albuquerque works so closely with each individual, we’re able to recover those valuables.

You called the right 
ones for the job.

Our jobs can be tricky if trust is not established. Hoarding is a deeply personal matter that we jump into headfirst. It can be hard to cope with disposing of so many personal items. It's especially difficult when it’s strangers asking you to do it. If there’s no trust, nothing will get done. 

Recovering valuables is one way we work to establish that relationship.  We work closely with each client to understand what it is they want us to find.

During the cleaning process, what’s been lost for many years comes to the surface. We’re able to reunite it with the owner and calm fears about disposing of other items. All your essential belongings will be found and returned:

  • Wallet
  • Legal documents
  • Items of great sentimental value

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our priority turns to finding it. We serve each client the best way we know how. Recovering valuable items certainly falls under that umbrella. 

Community Outreach

At Bio-One of Albuquerque, we work closely with the Albuquerque, NM community to ensure a safe and clean environment. We strive to make a difference here.

For many years now, we’ve been proud to partner with local authorities, charities and other groups. We offer them the most up to date cleaning methods and techniques to keep our area safe. As the owner, I, Justin Turley, can promise that you’ll receive the best help available from the professionals at Bio-One of Albuquerque.

Bio-One Hoarding is ready to assist you.
Bio-One Hoarding is compassionate to your situation.

What makes Bio-One Albuquerque Recover Valuables the best choice?

Bio-One of Albuquerque Expert Services

Expert Services

With trained technicians and state-of-the-art tools, we can handle any job that’s thrown our way. Residential, commercial or industrial, we have experience with it all.
Bio-One of Albuquerque Discreet & Safe

Discreet & Safe

The identity of our customers is always protected. Our crews arrive, get the job done safely, and leave. No questions asked.
Bio-One of Albuquerque Compassion & Competence

Compassion & Competence

Help first, business second is our motto. Our owners lead with compassion and serve our clients with respect and professionalism.
Bio-One of Albuquerque Available 24/7


Bio-One of Albuquerque is here for you whenever you need us. You will receive access to a local company with nationwide expertise.
Bio-One of Albuquerque Insurance Assistance

Insurance Assistance

Working with your insurance company can be overwhelming. Bio-One of Albuquerque can open the claim and work with the adjusters directly.
Bio-One of Albuquerque Trusted Response Team

Trusted Response Team

Your emergencies are our emergencies. A fast response can make all the difference in the world. We will make every effort to arrive quickly and ready to help.

THE Bio-One of Albuquerque EXPERIENCE

Working with us

  1. 1

    Establishing trust is key

    An experienced team member will introduce themselves, tour the property, and learn about your unique needs, expectations, and goals.
  2. 2

    We are mindful of personal property and valuables

    Our technicians make it a priority to try to find and save items of value such as wallets, keys, coin collections, legal documents, photo albums, baseball cards, or more.
  3. 3

    Your satisfaction is important

    We want to make sure you are satisfied and happy with our work. If for some reason something else needs to be done, we are here for you.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Bio-One has always had great customer service and efficiency. I worked with Nicole during our last project and she was excellent!! She has been very communicative and was able to help her customer along the whole process in a graceful and timely manner.
Dillon DeLuca, Albuquerque, 03/2023
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Nicole was wonderful, polite, professional, and an amazingly fast hardworker. We are very pleased with the job that was done. This is a difficult time for us and it refreshing to have this taken care of so professionally and with such ease!
John Grass, Albuquerque, 5/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Thanks BioOne in helping with clean up. I appreciate that they responded to my call over a weekend. several other companies did not. And Nicole had a good referral for carpets. But a huge shout out to Kris who came over cleaned some nasties up, with a smile and kind words. She and the young men with her were respectful and did an excellent job with helping clean up. Thank you😊
B. H., Albuquerque, 11/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
When my boyfriends father passed away very unexpectedly we were very much at a loss for what to do. He had been gone for nearly 2 weeks without us knowing and the shock alone was horrific to deal with. We were quite sure where to turn her what to do add that to the grief And you have a recipe for disaster. We called Bio- One Unknowing what exactly they would do. Little did we know that we would be cared for so incredibly well. Nicole was on site at the house the same day. She was kind courteous respectful and allowed us our dignity while still Telling us what we needed to know and helping us get the job done. We didn’t lift a finger. She did everything and kept us in the loop at every step of the process. I cannot even begin to imagine what this would have been like without her help. She even worked with our home insurance directly to help us with a ridiculous deductible. I cannot recommend this group highly enough. I hope I never have to use them again. But I know if anyone I care about ever did need them I would recommend them without hesitation.
Sam Bonar, Albuquerque, 9/2022
Customer Review Rating
First off I have to start with Nicole. She was pleasant and very helpful from the beginning. She definitely made what was a very hard situation very smooth and easy and communicated very well with me. She went above and beyond to also communicate with me on a professional basis and also extended out an arm on a personal basis. It was like i was working with a friend during this whole situation. She and her team were of great help and more than willing to go above and beyond what they had to, to fulfil their "jobs". Nicole's team treated myself and our property with great care and professionalism. They were very personable, caring and once again went above and beyond to help. I definitely recommend Nicole and her staff to anyone that is in need of their services. I am happy to give my reference.
Brian S., Albuquerque, 01/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Parts of my house reeked of nicotine and the walls were yellow. BioOne was easy to get a hold of, so professional, and so friendly. They did an amazing job. The yellow walls are gone and so is the smell! I would use their services again if they need came up, no reservations. Thanks Kelsa and Nicole!
Keri Van Vleet, Albuquerque, 9/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Bio-One saved me! I had to evict my tenants as they had really trashed my house. When I went in I was appalled of how dirty it was and there were several cats left behind with no food, water or litter box so the place smelled disgustingly. The floors had so much dirt on them you couldn’t tell they were brick and the walls above the fireplaces black with soot. Nicole and Kris really saved me! The floors look like brick, the mouse dirt is out of the cabinets and sanitized, the disgusting refrigerator sparkles, the walls were all vacuumed or washed down and ready for paint, smelly kitty soiled carpet removed… I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend them if you are ever in a situation where you are totally overwhelmed. I certainly was! I will use them again if ever the need but hopefully there won’t be any. I will however sing their praises to anyone who will listen. 😊
Lynn Hopkins, Albuquerque, 6/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
After a futile search for hoarding/hazard cleaning services in the Taos area, I contacted Bio-One in Albuquerque. We had some difficulties due to the rural location on a narrow dirt road, where it was not possible to put a dumpster. Nicole was patient and very supporting while I searched for a garbage hauler who could meet our needs, texting back and forth with me over the holiday weekend. When the Bio-One team arrived they got right to work every day, worked with us on site to sort through anything that needed to be saved and took on cleaning jobs that were beyond what any of the rest of us were able or wiling to do. Kris and her team rolled with the punches when our hauler had vehicle problems and couldn’t make it for the last 2 days. She arranged for the shuttle of a box truck and took out the last of the garbage herself. We are extremely happy with the job they did>
Margaret Fishman, Albuquerque, 9/20/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Let me just start off by saying the women that run the show for this company are amazing people. No one ever wants to be in a situation that these type of services are needed. They are so caring so understand and the work is amazing. True blessings!!
CopperTree Properties, Albuquerque, 7/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Great!!! Very nice workers. Arrived on time everyday. Let you know what the plan of attack is. Got the work done in a timely manner. 10/10!!!
Donna Hsu, Albuquerque, 01/2023

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