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But What If I Have Kids?

5 Tips for Decluttering with Kids Around
Kids usually make life messier, and they can also make it difficult to stay on task when cleaning or organizing.

However, even though it can be hard to keep up with cleaning when kids are living in the house, you can still successfully have a clean, organized home… at least some of the time!
Involve Them
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Why not involve them?
You can even involve them in the process and help them kick-start some good habits.
1. Take Their Ages Into Account
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If they’re teens, they can be counted on to take on some real tasks.

If they’re elementary-aged, give them something simple and bite-sized to do, like sorting items into a bin or small cleaning tasks with nontoxic chemicals.

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Younger kids can make it more of a game—you can give them a cloth and water to “pretend clean,” ask them to sort colors of items on the floor, or something similar.
2. Be Okay With Imperfections
Your kids probably won’t clean things to your standards. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t helping, or that you have to redo their work—at least not every time!
3. Support Your Kids in Building Good Habits
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You don’t want to micromanage your kids, but you can gently give them good advice to help them clean effectively.
Creating checklists or sticker charts can also help—these tools are motivating and can help kids take ownership of their responsibilities.
4. Gamify the Cleaning With One of These Suggestions
When we turn chores into games, our brains receive a burst of motivation that inspires us to do the activity again.

(This strategy works for adults as well as kids!)
Building Good Habits
Ask For Help
5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Parenthood—and life in general—can easily be overwhelming.

That’s why just about every parent is in Level 1 or Level 2 of the hoarding scale we reviewed earlier—at the very least.

It’s probably not a season where you’ll have a pristine home all the time, but spending even a little time decluttering can help you feel more sane.
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Don’t forget to make use of the resources available to you to give yourself a break. Many of which are listed in this guide.
Hiring babysitter

Try hiring a babysitter or mother’s helper for a few hours.

Hiring Housekeeper

If it’s financially possible, hiring a housekeeper or maid can remove some of the burden of cleaning off your shoulders.

Request a service from your local Bio-One team.


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