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Hoarding tends to be a deeply personal matter. However, it shouldn’t be ignored. As the hoarding cleanup specialists, we can help. Bio-One of Charlotte works directly with you to create a plan that is agreeable to everybody.

You called the right 
ones for the job.


To do this service successfully, there must be trust. Bio-One of Charlotte understands that it can be hard to part with personal/sentimental items. That’s why we’re with you, every step of the way.

You will be made aware of any final actions before they are taken. You will have the final say before removing any items. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to return the environment to a safe and comfortable place. We’re here to help. Usually, with hoarding, that entails disposing of many potentially harmful items. This is a necessary step to the overall goal.

Throughout our years of experience, we’ve found that certain safety threats accompany hoarding:

  • Toxic buildup of mold
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Accidental fires
  • Risk of disease amid layers

Ignoring the problem can lead to these serious safety concerns. Before Bio-One of Charlotte leaves the site, any mold buildup or safety threat alike will be dealt with.

Once enough space has been cleared to clean, we clean. The impacted area will look as good as new and no hazards will remain. Helping people return back to comfortable, safe living is our specialty. 

As professionals, it’s our responsibility to give you the best service possible. We’ve been a part of the Charlotte, NC community for many years now and are proud to help keep it clean. We strive to make a difference in your lives. We truly care. As the owner of this business, I, John and Jen Symons, can promise that you’ll receive the best help available from the professionals at Bio-One of Charlotte.

Bio-One Hoarding is ready to assist you.
Bio-One Hoarding is compassionate to your situation.

What makes Bio-One Charlotte Hoarding Cleanup the best choice?

Bio-One of Charlotte Expert Services

Expert Services

With trained technicians and state-of-the-art tools, we can handle any job that’s thrown our way. Residential, commercial or industrial, we have experience with it all.
Bio-One of Charlotte Discreet & Safe

Discreet & Safe

The identity of our customers is always protected. Our crews arrive, get the job done safely, and leave. No questions asked.
Bio-One of Charlotte Compassion & Competence

Compassion & Competence

Help first, business second is our motto. Our owners lead with compassion and serve our clients with respect and professionalism.
Bio-One of Charlotte Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Bio-One of Charlotte is here for you whenever you need us. You will receive 24/7 access to a local company with nationwide expertise.
Bio-One of Charlotte Insurance Assistance

Insurance Assistance

Working with your insurance company can be overwhelming. Bio-One of Charlotte can open the claim and work with the adjusters directly.
Bio-One of Charlotte Trusted Response Team

Trusted Response Team

Your emergencies are our emergencies. A fast response can make all the difference in the world. We will make every effort to arrive quickly and ready to help.

THE Bio-One of Charlotte EXPERIENCE

Working with us

  1. 1

    Establishing trust is key

    An experienced team member will introduce themselves, tour the property, and learn about your unique needs, expectations, and goals.
  2. 2

    We are mindful of personal property and valuables

    Our technicians make it a priority to try to find and save items of value such as wallets, keys, coin collections, legal documents, photo albums, baseball cards, or more.
  3. 3

    Your satisfaction is important

    We want to make sure you are satisfied and happy with our work. If for some reason something else needs to be done, we are here for you.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Mike Kioroglo, Charlotte, 11/23/2020
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Gordon Shuford, Charlotte, 05/15/2020
Customer Review Rating
Hard working and friendly. Good job
Cindy B., Charlotte, Dec 30, 2021
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
LaSonya Williams, Charlotte, 06/02/2021
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
I had no idea decomposition cleanup was such a thing. My family and I are forever grateful for bio-one who were patience and professional at a difficult time. We would have never been able to clean up such a thing ourselves. Thank you.
Ty Carter, Charlotte, 05/04/2021
Customer Review Rating
Christopher H., Charlotte, Feb 20, 2021
Customer Review Rating
I highly recommend Bio-One!! So accessible, helpful and friendly!
Theresa B., Charlotte, Jun 16, 2020
Customer Review Rating
I was upset and felt defeated by the continued issues related to my sibling that had lapsed into hoarding as a result of his long-term mental illness. After searching the internet for help I found BIO-ONE. I hoped and prayed the service would help to remedy an absolute deplorable situation at his residence. BIO-ONE was prompt and met me for an estimate in less than 24 hours. Then scheduled the job within two days. It's hard for many to comprehend the heartache and mental impact on family members in relation to a hoarder. BIO-ONE went beyond all expectations in the deep cleaning and removal of trash/garbage (enough to fill a large dumpster) from the home. They were kind and understanding. The empathy that the team from BIO-ONE displayed was exceptional. I have dealt with quite a few service companies and never found such a spectacular group of professionals. They were timely, completed the entire job as contracted, and followed up with me personally. They were sympathetic to my sibling, who was also on the property during the process. I highly recommend BIO-ONE to anyone needing to have their home returned to a healthy and clean environment again. I am relieved to know there is a company I can now depend on to assist me with the maintenance of my siblings residence. Linda B.
Linda B., Charlotte, Jun 16, 2020
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
After my father-in-law passed away, we were left with the daunting job of cleaning out his house and yard, both full of a lifetime of accumulated things. We met with John, one of the owners of Bio-One, and he immediately put our minds at ease. They were able to remove all items and clean the house so it was move-in ready in just 2 days. Not only were they very efficient and thorough, but every member of their team was extremely considerate and respectful. I can not say enough good things about them! And, I am so grateful that they were able to donate all my father-in-law's items that were still in good condition. I highly, highly recommend John, Jennifer, and the entire team.
Sara Bergman, Charlotte, 01/26/2021
Customer Review Rating
Fantastic people! I would highly recommend them. My animal odor is completely gone.
Beth P., Charlotte, Sep 21, 2022

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