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Hoarding can lead to many lost items of great significance. Because Bio-One of Charlotte works so closely with each individual, we’re able to recover those valuables.

You called the right 
ones for the job.

Our jobs can be tricky if trust is not established. Hoarding is a deeply personal matter that we jump into headfirst. It can be hard to cope with disposing of so many personal items. It's especially difficult when it’s strangers asking you to do it. If there’s no trust, nothing will get done. 

Recovering valuables is one way we work to establish that relationship.  We work closely with each client to understand what it is they want us to find.

During the cleaning process, what’s been lost for many years comes to the surface. We’re able to reunite it with the owner and calm fears about disposing of other items. All your essential belongings will be found and returned:

  • Wallet
  • Legal documents
  • Items of great sentimental value

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our priority turns to finding it. We serve each client the best way we know how. Recovering valuable items certainly falls under that umbrella. 

Community Outreach

At Bio-One of Charlotte, we work closely with the Charlotte, NC community to ensure a safe and clean environment. We strive to make a difference here.

For many years now, we’ve been proud to partner with local authorities, charities and other groups. We offer them the most up to date cleaning methods and techniques to keep our area safe. As the owner, I, John and Jen Symons, can promise that you’ll receive the best help available from the professionals at Bio-One of Charlotte.

Bio-One Hoarding is ready to assist you.
Bio-One Hoarding is compassionate to your situation.

What makes Bio-One Charlotte Recover Valuables the best choice?

Bio-One of Charlotte Expert Services

Expert Services

With trained technicians and state-of-the-art tools, we can handle any job that’s thrown our way. Residential, commercial or industrial, we have experience with it all.
Bio-One of Charlotte Discreet & Safe

Discreet & Safe

The identity of our customers is always protected. Our crews arrive, get the job done safely, and leave. No questions asked.
Bio-One of Charlotte Compassion & Competence

Compassion & Competence

Help first, business second is our motto. Our owners lead with compassion and serve our clients with respect and professionalism.
Bio-One of Charlotte Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Bio-One of Charlotte is here for you whenever you need us. You will receive 24/7 access to a local company with nationwide expertise.
Bio-One of Charlotte Insurance Assistance

Insurance Assistance

Working with your insurance company can be overwhelming. Bio-One of Charlotte can open the claim and work with the adjusters directly.
Bio-One of Charlotte Trusted Response Team

Trusted Response Team

Your emergencies are our emergencies. A fast response can make all the difference in the world. We will make every effort to arrive quickly and ready to help.

THE Bio-One of Charlotte EXPERIENCE

Working with us

  1. 1

    Establishing trust is key

    An experienced team member will introduce themselves, tour the property, and learn about your unique needs, expectations, and goals.
  2. 2

    We are mindful of personal property and valuables

    Our technicians make it a priority to try to find and save items of value such as wallets, keys, coin collections, legal documents, photo albums, baseball cards, or more.
  3. 3

    Your satisfaction is important

    We want to make sure you are satisfied and happy with our work. If for some reason something else needs to be done, we are here for you.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
My nephew's house needed sanitizing after his covid death. We were very pleased with the job that was done. We felt safe (from covid germs) entering the houses. Thank you for answering all of our questions and alleviating all of our concerns!
Debbie DeLugo, Charlotte, 11/05/2021
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
To lose a loved one in such a horrific manner is traumatizing, I will never get those images out of my head. I can’t imagine the further trauma cleaning something up like that would have caused. What an amazing team to come in and perform such a horrific task. Kyle helped me get everything scheduled and he stayed in touch throughout the entire thing. The young lady and gentleman (forgive me yall I forgot your names) who came into our home were so kind and comforting to me, words can’t even express how grateful I am to you all for helping us in our worst moment imaginable.
Michelle Cunningham, Charlotte, 04/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
stephen meinhold, Charlotte, 03/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
They helped me tremendously. They were very efficient in getting all of my problem areas out of my home. They knew my main goal that I was after and helped me achieve it. They were available at any time for any questions and weren't judgmental. They did a 180 on my house and helped me overcome issues I wouldn't have been able to accomplish alone. They took a bunch of trash items to the landfill for me and recommended a new flooring company to work with as well. They have even answered numerous questions even after the job was completed. Thank you Jen and John so much for helping me through my transition! I greatly appreciate it! I would recommend them to friends and family and if I ever need them again, I won't hesitate to call. Thank you again! You did a wonderful job!
Sarahkate Martin, Charlotte, 04/28/2020
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Fast & efficient. Great people to work with in a tough situation.
Judy Hall, Charlotte, 09/14/2021
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
This company is amazing and so is the staff. There are not enough words to describe how happy I am with the job they did. We had a awful cat urine odor and it seemed like there was no way to remove the odor. We contacted and hired Bio-One and the smell is gone. The work was amazing and the staff was so helpful. They walked us through the entire process. I would recommend them. They were very pleasing to work with. And I am so happy the odor is gone.
Stephanie Pruett, Charlotte, 04/05/2021
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
My family and I cannot speak highly enough of the Bio-One team! We unfortunately lost our Mother and Grandmother not too long apart, leaving my brother and I with two houses and no clue where to start. John and Jen took all of our worries away - from the very start! They helped us during an extremely emotional time to go through, organize, and donate all items in both houses in a respectful but timely manner! I must mention that they have a long list of outstanding charities for which they can donate items! The loss of our Mother was sudden and their team was very kind in helping us with the sentimental and emotional aspects of the project. We felt like we were going through things with family members. They are also extremely trustworthy! While my brother and I were dealing with funeral arrangements, they found a pretty good chuck of cash in one home and called us immediately. In this world, that is unfortunately a rare thing. I will forever recommend Bio-One to anyone who needs their services! Thank you John, Jen, and your awesome teams!
Lindsay Dobson, Charlotte, 05/03/2019
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
Absolutely phenomenal people and service! They came the same day I contacted them to do a deep clean, disinfect and sanitize in a residence where Covid patient had been. I have already recommended this company to several individuals as well as a doctors office. If you need this type of service - you've found the right place...don't hesitate.
Cathy Newsome, Charlotte, 08/14/2021
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
The company is awesome and I would recommend them to anyone with a hoard to clean. No matter the situation
Jodee Wilson, Charlotte, 03/2022
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviews
Customer Review Rating
John and Jen are top-notch professionals with hearts of gold! Highly recommend!
Melissa Tremble, Charlotte, 12/18/2019

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